The Children’s Policy Coalition, representing over 40 nonpartisan Iowa organizations seeking to elevate children’s issues in elections, is making available a series of voter’s guides highlighting presidential candidates’ positions on children’s issues.

“Children represent one-quarter of the population and 100 percent of our future,” said Sheila Hansen, who staffs the Coalition and leads the Child and Family Policy Center’s advocacy work. “The next president will help shape the nation’s responses to the challenges and opportunities American children face – health, safety, early learning, education, economic security and opportunity.”

“We thank the candidates for providing their statements and are releasing them as a public service without editing or comment,” said Kelli Soyer, staff to the Coalition who heads the Every Child Matters Education Fund efforts in Iowa. “The electorate is very concerned about children and their future, and we are seeking much deeper attention to the critical issues facing them that our nation, and therefore our government, must address.”

The Children’s Policy Coalition, partnering with national child policy organizations – the Children’s Leadership Council, the Partnership for America’s Children, First Focus and the Center for the Study of Social Policy, in addition to Every Child Matters – described the federal government’s current role in each of six child policy areas and the current status of children in each of these areas in the report, “Securing America’s Future.”

“Our nation faces serious challenges, and how we equip the next generation to compete and lead in a world economy is critical to our future,” Hansen said. “Only through public dialogue and attention will we develop consensus and public will to address these challenges successfully.”

View the Democratic candidates voter’s guide here.

View voter’s guide for Republican candidate Jeb Bush here.

View a summary of issue areas for all presidential candidates here.

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